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Festival Organizer

The festival is organized by Shrustii Multicultural Centre, members of IOV, CID and IEFA a Non Profitable organization registered under section 25,  are the promoters of Indian Folk, Classical and Theatre Ensembles to varies International stages (France, Poland, Finland, Netherland, Italy, Hungary etc…), since 2005.  More information of the Festival organizer follow the link :

AIMS of the IEFF:
Main motive of our Festival is to promote and to set a standard of folklore artists around the world, especially our own Indian folklore cultural Arts which are elapsing day by day.
The aim of the festival is to preserve the cultural heritage and Sessions are encouraged, with local and visiting artistes getting together to compose and play a tune or to create a new Folklore dance forms thus promoting cultural tourism among participating countries.
Our festival presents a tremendous colorful platform to mingle with different ethnic cultures of the world, It is a soulful opportunity to establish friendships with extremely talented creative folklore groups by knowing each other dancing together and supportive amusement which means celebrating mankind brotherhood thorough culture. 
Our Festival will expose you to the workshops of Indian Classical, Theatre and Folklore as well as to other Guest folklore group’s workshops.
Our Festival will provide the Folklore groups to share and to discuss some of their experiences/challenges they are facing and try to find solutions in a creative way of understanding of culture and to strengthen the Folklore culture Worldwide.
To promote New Delhi-India as an attractive tourists destination in Asia  and to introduce the State’s rich and Unique and elaborated Cultural heritage.