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Ms.Ethna Castillo (MEXICO)

Though it was the second editon of IEFF, the way the organizers executed the entire IEFF-2016 is a miracle. Stage was brilliant, under the moon light performing on that huge stage is a dream come true for our group.  Workshops  were arranged which are so thrilling to learn more deeply about other countries culture and people.

Nonetheless we would like to thank all the team of IEFF-2016 for their warm hospitality and rendering endless support, for being so patient and accommodating to our requests. We owe a lot to them and they have definitely enhance our whole experience beautifully which was indeed priceless

Ms.Jocelyn Magos Martínez (FRENCH POLYNESIA)

Dear Festival Director,  I hope our paths meet again. I hold you in my heart. The hospitality and the warm you have shown us is incredible. We love to travel to INDIA again because of IEFF. Wish this year all your dreams come true. Love from all of us. God bless you.

Mr Fathurrahman Said (SINGAPORE)

Thank you IEFF team for having us to be part of this prestigious festival and your generous hospitality throughout our entire stay in India.The festival served as a platform for us to meet other inspiring dancers from different parts of the world, as well as to exchange dance genres and cultures - which made it a richer experience.

It was also a soulful opportunity to establish friendships with extremely talented created folklore groups by knowing each other, dancing together and supportive amusement which means celebrating mankind brotherhood through culture in the heart of India’s Capital New Delhi; purely for the appreciation and passion for dance."  

Mr.Kafasis Konstantinos  (GREECE)

We would like to express our thanks for the excellent organization of the festival, for the warm hospitality and for your patience to us for any excessive demand. The behavior of both the organizing committee and volunteers was excellent, which shows the culture of Indians and education that distinguishes them. From our part we think that we would serve the Greek culture to the fullest way always depending on the temperament of each dance."

"Dance unites, brings more people together and nurtures the spirit." To you personally we would like to wish health, happiness and family - career success.

Ms.Adalberto Avendaño Valencia (COLOMBIA)

Our dream to visit INDIA is one of our most incredible memory of our lives. We are very thankful to the IEFF festival directors for their patience and they optimistic natures. We are so thrilled by the stages of IEFF. We really enjoyed every bit of our time in INDIA. We love the food which is especially the spicy. The tour to AGRA is never ending experience to us. Thank you for listening to us and providing extra time for our group to perform. I wish you for more co-operation and more and more good luck to the team of IEFF.


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