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IEFF 2023 Groups

Participant Groups at IEFF 2023



Lous Tchanques Chalosse was founded in 1991 by Christian Fournadet, who is still the honorary president. His main goal was to maintain traditional dances on floor and on stilts; which were typically danced in Landes, south west of France and also to train musicians on traditional instruments and songs to follow dancers on their choreographies.

“The group makes it a point of honor to train its musicians on traditional instruments and tunes in order to accompany its dancers on their choreographies. The group brings culture and traditions to l ife by offering folklore shows of traditional dances on the ground and on stilts.

The group made up of young dancers (aged 6 to 25) strives to bring culture and traditions to life around the world by offering dynamic folkloric shows of traditional dances on the ground and on stilts.

A further important objective of our group is to establish links with groups in France and overseas during Folk festivals. So we have already visited groups in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Romania, Greece, Sweden, Poland and Russia.



Asociatia Coloram Zambete was publicly launched in 2005 in Bucharest, Romania. It was founded for the future of dancers and the world of dance in Indonesia. The group’s vision is to elevate the quality and popularity of the world of dance in Romania and bringing it to its glory, nationally and worldwide.

The management is organized professionaly, training is done intensively and with consistency, also the quality of dancers will always be monitored to maintain and develop their performance and competency. The group annually, creating one dance production with Romania's unique culture as its theme.

The group specialises in many traditional dances from each of the city or regions of Romania which create an unforgettable performance, which will enthral audiences of all ages and performed nationally and also at international venues in Turkey & Malaysia.



The THUNHELA FOLK TEAM is a popular folk dance academy, established by the director Mr.Pasindu Pahalamedagama in 2010. Since then, it has been a representative dance company in Sri Lanka with the purpose to create new dances based on Korean traditional dance and to perform the works. Sri lankan traditional dances originated in ancient shamanistic rituals thousands of years ago.

The group performs number of different dances which gained permanent high status, The group presents local dances, folk songs and drumming that are unique to Sri Lanka and a group consisting of 36 dancers and singers from 03 to 51 years of age representing the Colombo-Madivela Pasidu Kalayattana and Narahenpita Pamoda Kalayattana.

By participating in various international festivals, National Dance Company has presented the world, its rich repertoire. The group has expressed the feeling of Sri Lankan humans and the aesthetic appeal of Sri Lankan culture in dance performances.


Falebase Rodhi Folk Dance & Musiclan Art

Falebase Rodhi was established in year 2010 and registered as a non-profitable, non-governmental cultural organization with an approval and recognition of Government of Nepal. The most of the promoter of this group are senior Veteran Folk/Classical artists of Nepal who have been participating and performing cultural programs at various parts of country and in international folk festivals as well. The group’s main motive is to preserve and conserve the Nepalese customs and traditional folk music and dances in National and International arena,

Nepal, the country of Mount Everest and the birth place of Lord Buddha is also best recognized for its oldest cultural heritages and Customs. Even though the country is very small, it has its own ethnic, cultural and geographical diversity. Each and every ethnic group have their own culture, customs, trades, music and dances. The country itself is a melting pot of folklore, folk dances, folk music and classical music. In this modern age, it is very essential to preserve and promote such traditional folk/classical dances. And this necessity has been realized by a group of various artists and the institution took a birth named Falebase Rodhi Folk Dance and Music Art, Nepal.

The group’s journeys have taken them to International Folk Dance Festivals to Belgium, Poland, Bulgaria, China, Japan, Belarus, Srilanka, China & Dubai.